Content Guide

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So, You Want Me to Build Your Website?

That’s not a problem! I build beautiful, responsive websites all the time. But let me tell you the first and most important thing I will need from you…content.


Content is the bread and butter of your website and often the most overlooked. What do you want your site to say…literally. Let’s assume I don’t know anything about your business. I need you to provide me with the details of everything you want to be shown/represented on your site. This information is organized into PAGES and SECTIONS. Let me explain…


Every website is made up of pages starting with the HOME page which is what people see when they first come to your site. You can have an ABOUT page, SERVICES or any other page name you want. Your NAVIGATION MENU will be made up of the PAGES you decide on.


A section is a block of information on a page. Consider this guide as an example. The PAGE would be called CONTENT GUIDE , and each paragraph would be its own SECTION.




This section might be about the services you offer. In this case you would list the Title and description of each service you provide. 


Here, you might want to mention specifics on why you are so much better than your competitors. 


This could be a section where you talk about a new product you will be launching. 

What I am primarily looking for is “blocks” of information that you would like to display so I can organize it into a nicely designed website.

If you do not want to come up with the content yourself, thats ok too! I offer content writing services ( at an additional cost ).

But, I would still need you to tell me the topics you would like to discuss.



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